In case of emergency

In case of emergency

Reminder to travellers: before visiting India, you are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the information available on the Visiting India page.

If you need assistance

If your passport is lost or stolen

  • On the day the incident occurs, report it to the local authorities (police station, etc.) so that they can issue a loss or theft report
  • Contact the General Secretariat of the Government  which issues passports to Monegasque nationals, to inform them of the loss or theft and enable them to start the procedure for replacing your passport
  • Contact your relatives in the Principality so that they can deal with the General Secretariat of the Government on your behalf, as well as with any other organisations you may need to call on in Monaco
  • Inform your bank of any extension to your trip to avoid, for example, your credit card being blocked

Before leaving